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5 Tips for the Talent in a Video Production

Written by Luke Stoughton on July 13, 2015

This one goes out to all the lovely faces, getting ready to be on camera. Preparing for a video shoot can sometimes be quite the nerve-racking experience, especially if you’re new to the world of video production. You’ve got to have a script ready, your ideas well thought out, and you have to be cool, calm […]

The Potential Magic of Video

Written by David Schmitz on April 24, 2015

So I’ve been talking and thinking a lot about the potential power of video and realized yet again how magical it can be. It’s somewhat like your web presence. We’ve all heard of companies that are actually working out of a basement or garage and yet with a great website, fool almost everyone into thinking […]

“El Micro” – Toyota Sienna Giveaway Story

Written by David Schmitz on April 22, 2015

Going to Tampa Bay Florida? Sure thing. That was the first thought that crossed my mind when Toyota gave the call to cover the story of the non-profit they had given a Sienna to the year prior.  So on the plane with our gear and southward we went! When arriving, we met Amparo Nuñez, a […]

Toyota New York Region Business Meeting – Miami FL

Written by David Schmitz on April 7, 2015

For myself as a northerner there comes a time each year when I want to leave the snow and cold for a bit and therefore considered the opportunity to cover Toyota’s NY Region Winter Business Meeting in Miami FL a fantastic opportunity for the second year in a row IN FEBRUARY! So we took a small […]

SharpSpring – Marketing Automation Explainer Video

Written by David Schmitz on April 3, 2015

Through a previous client of ours (Q Factor now Kwicr) we were introduced to the team at SharpSpring, a marketing automation company that is by all means exploding at the scene. We began our ongoing relationship with SharpSpring creating a short ‘Features’ video for one of their systems capabilities of call tracking.  See that video here. […]

Waves Media Reel 2014-15

Written by David Schmitz on April 2, 2015

So after 10 years of working, filming, acting, writing, picture taking, dreaming, and so much more we decided to create a reel of some of our most recent work. The goal was really not to show everything we have done but give a sense of some of the excitement of our work. We decided to […]

Nashua Dental Group – Rethinking the Approach

Written by David Schmitz on April 1, 2015

Collaborating with Michael Dehni and Company, we here at Waves Media produced a video series for the Nashua Dental Group right up the road from our studio in Salem NH. The team at Nashua Dental made us feel at home right away – very personable and accommodating. They were obviously well practiced in hospitality and assisted […]

Vigg Designs – Small Business Ethics

Written by David Schmitz on March 30, 2015

Introduced to John Vigg, owner of Vigg Design, by a mutual client (Toyota NY Region) we were able to spend the day with him and his team in Freehold NJ. The work they do is stellar.  You can tell why they get the customers they do and I noticed quickly the skill they have developed […]

Toyota Uses the Oculus Rift

Written by David Schmitz on March 27, 2015

This past January at the Detroit Auto Show, we here at Waves Media had the opportunity to film the Toyota exhibit and particularly their effort to educate teens about the dangers of texting while driving. And they used the latest technology to do it: the Oculus Rift, really only utilized in the military before now. […]

Pixability’s Explainer Video

Written by David Schmitz on January 14, 2015

There are times when – even with all the planning, pre-production, brainstorming, and hard work – you just wonder if you are going to be able to pull a production off that you’ve never done before. The idea was great for this one. Our friends (for several years now) over at Pixability got the BIG idea […]