When faced with the pressure of coming up with a marketing video that will clearly and effectively captivate your audience and draw them closer to your company or product, sometimes the creative elements fall through the cracks of the planning process. But the logistics are not the enemy here, time management and allocation are the main offenders.

Typically most of the time spent in pre-production falls within the “who”, “what” and “where” categories. The “how” seems to get lost somewhere along the way, or whatever great ideas you might have just get tagged to the end of the project as an afterthought and might not even see the light of day.

The “how” in today’s marketing world is of course, visual. Everyone wants whatever they are viewing to be “visually stunning” or engaging and fun. Clean-cut imagery and vibrant colors are in. Minimalistic design and simplistic forms are what people are attracted to. The digital world is flooding with impressively perfect graphics, flawless screen treatments, and printed materials that are produced with laser precision.

Everything is hyper visual. This should be common knowledge in marketing now so I really don’t need to take the time to go into the statistics. In the online world you could look at Youtube (2nd only to Facebook as the most used site in the world), or any of the other social media sites. I mean Twitter and Facebook couldn’t care less about your life if there were no images or videos attached to the words (unless you are a celeb of course, then you could get away with just typing any old thing). But take Instagram, why do you think that their platform is soaring so high right now even surpassing Twitter and Facebook in some categories? The key here is the intensity of the visual dynamic that dominates modern culture today.

Nearly all of our time is spent sifting through image after image, video after video… Some of them are great, but most of them are terrible. If so much time and energy is spent on viewing, shouldn’t your time spent as a marketer be a more focused time of brainstorming visual solutions?

This way of marketing has worked in the past, and still works today when implemented well.  In the advertising boom of the 1960’s (I’m reminded of the pop TV series “Madmen“), the concept was proven and much time was allocated to the process of coming up with provocative and unique visual solutions for print, radio and television. The marketers of that historic era understood the importance of the concept of thinking visually. The typical client of that day (same as today mind you) had a product that they wanted to show the world and sell to the world. The difference for the client today is that there is SO much more competition, and a slew of new innovative concepts and software to take on the bulk of the production load.

There should still be a tight grip on that classic way of thinking visually, and it should in fact have become tighter in this modern internet age, not looser.

As a marketer, you must not let the logistics of the production process take entire precedence over the creative aspect of your content. Plan everything that needs planning, for sure, but set some more time and funding aside for the creative process. Give it the time it deserves. And if you don’t have a keen sense of what needs to happen visually in your marketing video, then get some input from your team or from the professionals (at Waves Media 😉 ) who have the experience and know what works best!

Remember, do everything in your power to not let the “how” slip into the recesses of the other important steps of production.

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