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5 Common Misconceptions About The Video Production Process

Written by David Schmitz on January 25, 2016

So you are looking into doing a video or series of videos for your company/product/you-name-it. And then you start thinking “Boy, I’ve never done anything like this before. What if … ?” Well here once again to relieve you of any stress, we at Waves Media have jotted down a few things we’ve learned in our years […]

Multi-tasking Unmasked – Focus and Specialize

Written by David Schmitz on January 13, 2016

Remember the craze a few years back about multi-tasking? It was THE topic. I was working for a non-profit at the time, and our manager must have challenged us to multi-task almost everyday for about a year. And of course, in a non-profit you are already wearing so many hats that it’s pretty easy to […]

5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Video Marketing

Written by Luke Stoughton on January 11, 2016

The video marketing world is growing to be very competitive and sometimes we may only see it as that, a competition. But what if we took the posture of a student? What if we actually learned and gleaned solutions from our competitors? If we would view the landscape of video marketing as a classroom instead of […]

The Psychology of Video: Editing

Written by Luke Stoughton on October 14, 2015

As a film enthusiast and used-to-be-frequent-movie-goer (is that a thing?), I love a well crafted flick or a documentary that places me right into a world that I wouldn’t normally have exposure to. When I watch anything, be it a movie a video game or a well-written show, it doesn’t take me very long to […]

Thinking Visually In Marketing Production

Written by Luke Stoughton on September 28, 2015

When faced with the pressure of coming up with a marketing video that will clearly and effectively captivate your audience and draw them closer to your company or product, sometimes the creative elements fall through the cracks of the planning process. But the logistics are not the enemy here, time management and allocation are the […]

The Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Video Hosting Platforms

Written by Jon Schmitz on September 25, 2015

So you have created a brand new video for your product or your company? The excitement is through the roof! But now, people need to watch it. Although Youtube is the go-to platform for videos, there are a lot of options out there that are worth looking at to make sure you position yourself and your […]

3 Things To Make Sure You are Putting Your Viewer FIRST

Written by David Schmitz on September 11, 2015

A mentor of mine used to quote the adage by Stephen Covey, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” It has often reminded me to focus on what is most important in life and in the things I put my head and hands to accomplishing. It’s no different in the media […]

Making Waves: Pre-Production

Written by David Schmitz on August 31, 2015

You’ve heard it before, preparation is essential in any work. And in video production, it’s no different, it is of the utmost importance. Not only will the production (filming) and post work (editing) go far more efficiently and creatively, but the content will be that much richer and spot on. That’s why we at Waves Media […]

Overcoming the Problem of Video Overload

Written by Luke Stoughton on August 21, 2015

In marketing there is a goal, a reason why you want to share your voice to the world. You have to communicate to your audience clearly and informatively. The importance of your business must be expressed in the form of relevant presence among your peers. But if your only reason is for your voice to be heard, than […]

Video Marketing: What Story are You Telling?

Written by Luke Stoughton on August 17, 2015

I believe everyone has a great story. We all have the opportunity to tell interesting stories, rather dull stories, and everything in-between. When it comes to business marketing and communications, this is no different. Every business whether large or small, well established or brand new, has a great story that will interest their prospective audiences. This has […]